TBRcon: The Intersection of Neurodivergence & SFF Writing

28 January 4:00 pm - 28 January 5:00 pm

Additional Information

This panel is part of TBRCon, hosted by FanFiAddict and moderated by Travis Tippens of The Fantasy Inn. I’ll be on this panel with fellow neurodivergent authors Elisa A. BoninEssa HansenSonora Reyes, and Alex White, discussing the intersection of neurodiversity and creativity in SciFi and Fantasy.

Neurodiverse and/or autistic people make up a huge proportion of the SciFi & Fantasy fanbase. We are overwhelmingly represented among the superfans, among the convention goes and avid collectors, among the avid fanfic writers and readers. But as content creators of original fiction, there are devastatingly few of us in trade publishing (and fewer still being published by the Big 5). This panel hopes to put a spotlight in how richly neurodiversity can influence SFF.

This should be a fun discussion about the genre even if you aren’t familiar with neurodivergence—and we hope this panel helps increases awareness and encourages neuroinclusion in the industry.

The stream will be live on YoutubeFacebook, and Twitch with a replay available afterward. Please join us!


For a full list of TBR Con attendees (there are some awesome authors on the schedule!) please do check out the main page: TBRCon Website


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