Flash Fiction Online September 2018


In his play, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare penned this lovely line: “If music be the food of love, play on.”

This month’s stories aren’t so much about music or love, but they are about food–in one way or another. Peppers, eggs (at least one very BIG egg), ice cream, and a Southeast Asian stimulant called paan.

If I were to play with Shakespeare (and reflect my own feelings), I might say, “If food be the music of life, eat up!”

“Slaked Lime, Iron Knife” by Aparna Nandakumar

“Ghost of the Pepper” by M.K. Hutchins

“A Good Egg” by Shawn Proctor

”Ice Cream and English Summers” by Sunyi Dean

And a new writing advice column from Jason S. Ridler.

Illustrated by Dario Bijelac (less)